The BOLD choice for your company!

Pure Ink Marketing is a full-service graphic design and marketing company building brands and positioning companies as leaders in an environment full of 'wannabes.'  We are in the business of understanding you and your customers.

Whether you are a brand new savvy start-up or an aged company in need of a face lift, we can help.

Design is Critical

Let Pure Ink Marketing become the architect of your brand and advertising. Our process combines timeless strategies of brand identity with the most current and effective tools available.

The Internet has surpassed direct mail, the Yellow Pages, radio and television combined as the most effective and versatile advertising medium. Being clearly seen and understood is critical.

9 Billion websites and only one that matters to your business... Yours!

From Recession to Recovery

We understand that business across the board is struggling and cut backs are being made. With this in mind, Pure Ink utilizes many tools that are made available at little to no overhead cost to our clients.

This allows for your budget to be focused purely on what matters--making your brand stand out.


Pure Ink Marketing, A Limited Liability Company | Greenville, South Carolina